This Misconception of Validation

Validation is the concept almost all Western ideas and cultures (politics, companies, social structures!) are based on.   Validation, in terms of people, is in some sense the idea "you are approved to profess what you profess."

It's a social concept and it's horribly incomplete.  Validation is a mostly built up on the idea of "you went through what I went through" which is not the same as what you do/say/build is truth/right/worthwhile.

The idea is the idea.  The thing is the thing.  The theory is right or not.  The math works or it doesn't.

the idea is right.  it's true.  truth is true.  what is true is true.


you're right because you are YOU! you are the person we know is right because you've been right before!  you're RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT because you're the person IN CHARGE.

so which is it? are you about the source? the build up of authority or about the rightness of the idea.

it's Plato vs. the world.  

I think Plato was right.