Learning Opportunities

Russell has decades of experience in software development, product development, business management, education and theatrical and visual arts.  He has a degree in mathematics from University of Chicago and has completed graduate work in computer science, fine arts and business.   He is a semi-regular speaker at tech conferences.  Additionally, Russ is a cofounder of Acton Academy Venice Beach, a k-12 progressive education school. He offers 3 regular opportunities to learn in business, technology and art.   Additionally, he is available for individualized learning.


Let's Learn Together

I like learning with others.   and I want to make this affordable for all, particularly those feeling left behind.


Russell focuses on pragmatic skill development and building confidence trying new things.

ALL Classes take place in person and over ZOOM conferences and are recorded and available on demand.


Data Analysis For the Busy

We're now 20 years into the 21st century and data, data analysis, data science, data privacy, data about data has taken over our lives, our businesses, our governments.   But most of us didn't get formal or even informal training in understanding and using data.   

In "Data Analysis for the Busy" busy people from all walks of life will learn in a 5 week session the basis of modern data analysis and how to make sense of the world and any business at a reasonable, literate level.  The focus in making everyone comfortable with common analysis techniques, commonly used software and how to interpret the work of others.


Computational Doing for the Young

No future career will be left unaffected by computers.  Almost every child will be exposed to smartphones and computers.   The tech have and have not gap has never been larger in terms of understanding how computers actually work and how to program them for your benefit.

Computational Doing for the Young helps young people from age 9 to 99 come up to speed on the basics of how computers work, how to make them do things you want and how to program software and apps.   The focus is on becoming computational literate and being able to confidently conceive of computer apps and start to build them.  In 5 weeks a student will learn the basics of computing and get all the way through to building their own application with pride.


Product and Art Development for The Unsure

A world of sharing economies, part time gigs, supplemental income, endless opportunities to divert attention making Your Own Stuff can be quite difficult.   

Product and Art Dev for the Unsure focuses on helping makers and those who want to make get started.  In a way, this is a 5 week course about giving yourself permission to make mistakes and just stand something up in different mediums.   This course will cover asking interesting questions, evaluating mediums and materials, analyzing potential audiences and making stuff to delight.   No experience in art or product development is assumed.