Russell Foltz-Smith

Russell Foltz-Smith is on a quest to visually capture the qualitative infinite – all is possible and the actualities mere esoteric mathematical equations. 

His philosophical research explores existence – what exists, what can exist and how it comes to exist. Foltz-Smith’s mixed media takes shape through aggressively expressive gestures – defining possible futures by creating them; rich colors and textures converging into surreal new realities. 

Foltz-Smith’s creative journey runs parallel to his ~20 years at the helm of (or being helmed by) consumer internet and large scale data intelligence platforms, where he’s played an innovative and integral part of creating large scale search engines, social media and analytics platforms currently in use by hundreds of millions of people. His art has been shown in several integrated exhibitions including most recently in Chicago at Marina City in “The Future We Want”. He is also the co-founder of a k-12 experimental school in Venice, CA,

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