Parallels - Exploring The New Realities
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Parallels - Exploring The New Realities

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The artifice is now natural. We are entering the paralogical parallel of a parallax universe – a place where the traditional vanguard perspectives that have shaped our society are fading away, revealing new and often subjective views of reality – including the dawn of artificially created realities. 

In this new world, things almost make sense. They begin to make more and more sense the more the nonsensical becomes normalized. This exhibit explores the exposition of these new worlds through the lens of surrealism digitally unmastered by supervised learning systems – how the irrational becomes rationalized through human social remixing. Each piece asks and answers: is there truth? There is truth – a random forest among the trees. It can only be realized through the paralogical machine, searching through possible futures – Parallels. The nature is now artificial. 

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Studies Towards a Parallel Reality (show features work not seen here)

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to Oct 1

This Is Not A Gun

A show was staged in partnership with the EM Lewis Play, "The Gun Show" in Portland, OR.

“This Is Not A Gun”


Artist Statement


Guns are nothing more than hunks of metal highly tuned to transfer kinetic energy between bodies.  However it is their potential energy - their symbolic effects - that imbue them with enormous and uncontrollable power.


The hint of a gun generates a symbolic network. The network of fear and the pull of power - all rooted ultimately a desire to take control and to be in control.  Guns are not weapons.  Guns are the clocks that mark our eternal god-like ends. Guns are god.  They are American.  They are assumed natural order.  They are power.  They are misdirection.  They are specters and shadows. They are us. Fractured.


The work presented here considers the effects of guns on society, on a shooter, on a victim, on bystanders, on the artist through time.   The artist contemplates what is controlled by guns and what is obliterated by guns and what is salvageable.   In 3 mediums the work explores guns effects in time, distortion of time, distortion of cause and effect, and on the violation of the inner lives of all of us.




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Projection - An Art and Philosophy Experience in Austin, TX
7:00 PM19:00

Projection - An Art and Philosophy Experience in Austin, TX


The present state of affairs for humanity unnerves in openness. As a species we have a choice like we've never had before: what exactly do we want humanity to be? Technology and its media interfaces provide an infinite regress of existential options. This infinity of options has so far produced a confused and often devastating effect to individuals, communities and culture.

"Projection" is an exploration of the paradoxes of infinite choice. Various projections of humanity - into machines, into new physicalities, into new moralities - will be staged through a variety of mediums including paintings, writings, videos, generative computations and a performance.

"Projection" questions universally as well as auto-biographically.

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9:30 AM09:30

Pulp, Pulse, and People

An Exploration of the Beginning, Continuance, and End of Pulsing Pulp and Perturbed People.

Help at the new cornerstone location The Hangar.   Over 600 works were featured in a one night only experience.


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