previously: Pulp, Pulse and People

Prime philosophy perturbs perpetually

it is a partial parable of perception

this preponderance of people produced from pulsing pulp

out of the plutonic platonic


periodic protons prescribed phallic fates

de-posited in-positions

and op-positions

the ex-plosion and ex-pulsion

previously im-possibly hot


pre-destinted but un-predicable

s-pace ex-pands

p-adic primality promoted

im-plied prophylacticly

pulsates galatically


paralytically planets pull

partnered to pulsars

pumping protean processes

Pop! Pop!

pulsing pulp performs

a pre-historical prance

plants implanted u-pon pangea

promoting promptly pilfering phorms

a promise protrudes


people patterns persist

patterned and proteined

perceiving perfunctorily

preening and playing


phonetics and pharms


payments placed, promissory paced

phones and plumbing

positioned permissibly

plots graphed, graphs plotted

pronouns progressed

now programmed by the programs

proper-nouns pricked


perhaps probability preserves

some humanness

perhaps possibility

plays a protagonist

plausibly preventing the pregnant permanent pause

of all persistence

this existence

pondered palpably

its palpations pushed by plummed “p”

propped above

a period