Product and Art Development for the Unsure


Let's give ourselves permission to invent.

together we'll let loose and make soemthing.


Humans need to express, commune and make things.  It's what we do, it's who we are.... or who we can be.

A world of sharing economies, part time gigs, supplemental income, endless opportunities to divert attention making Your Own Stuff can be quite difficult.   

Product and Art Dev for the Unsure focuses on helping makers and those who want to make get started.  In a way, this is a 5 week course about giving yourself permission to make mistakes and just stand something up in different mediums.   This course will cover asking interesting questions, evaluating mediums and materials, analyzing potential audiences and making stuff to delight.   No experience in art or product development is assumed.


Week 1:  Do first, think second

Without an assumptions let's just start making some stuff.  Then we'll talk about what happened and how to do it 2x as Big, Small, Better, Worse, Cooler, Less Cool than the last time.

Week 2: When is Something Something?

Building on the first week we will continue to advance our making until it's at the point we ask if it's something?  We will think about how to identify it as something to keep going on or start something new.  We will move between mediums.

Week 3:  Mistakes and Their Benefits

We will deliberately make some mistakes and play with how to turn them into features and benefits.  This is all part of the freeing up and creative process.  the integration of the unplanned is important.

Week 4: Refinement and Production

Let's now turn from the development and ideation into a presentation and ready to share with others mode.  Keeping in mind even this part is a process of exploration.   We will review the different mediums for sharing work (products or art) and how to figure out what audience to go after.

Week 5: Try To Finish or Knowing When to Stop

Like anything interesting in life... it's never clear when the end has come.  You could create forever.  But at some point you just have to put it out there.  So let's put something out there and get some feedback.

Skills Obtained

  • Brainstorming that goes somewhere
  • Trying first, editing second
  • Work without an eraser
  • How to analysis and decide on materials 
  • When to ask for help/a partner
  • How to sketch out/story board ideas
  • Implementing practice and habits
  • Sharing work online, in different locations IRL and more
  • How to take feedback


In class discussion and working sessions, demonstrations and short lectures.

1-2hrs of homework a week leading towards a final project that may take 3-4 hrs.

Grades and Credit

This is all for life development but I'm happy to give recommendations or nice notes etc.

Dates/Times for Summer 2018

Every Tuesday from 11-12pm pacific time starting June 19th.   ends July 10th.

would consider an evening slot if there's enough interest.

Meets in person and online through ZOOM Conferences.   

In person will take place in Venice, CA.


In person enrollment limited to 10, online enrollment unlimited.


$125 for entire 5 weeks